Polaris Ghost by Eric G. Wilson

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Inspired by the work of David Lynch and William Blake, Polaris Ghost presents a fractured Bildungsroman interrupted by meditations on marriage, addiction, depression, and parenting. In scenes reminiscent of Blue Velvet and The Marriage of Heaven and Hell, Eric G. Wilson explores what goes on deep in the psyche through scenes of unnerving breakages and private rupture. POLARIS GHOST is Wilson's fiction debut, a fascinating hybrid rising from a mix of memoir, journalism, scholarship, and cultural analysis.

  • 120 pages, paperback
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"Incisive, sometimes alarming, sometimes deftly jarring, Polaris Ghost is a wonderfully uncomfortable unveiling of a life fraught with, well, life: parenting, addiction, struggle, and depression. Wilson's beautifully composed fragments gradually collage their way into a sharply incisive portrait of not just one life but many." - Brian Evenson

Read an excerpt and more praise at http://outpost19.com/PolarisGhost

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  • You'll get a paperback!

  • You'll get a paperback!
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Polaris Ghost by Eric G. Wilson

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